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The last metre counts

In store point of sale is a highly effective strategy to influence shopper purchase behavior right at the store cold-face.

REM creates compelling point of sale solutions for on pack, shelf, and off location activations which will grow brand awareness and lead to increased sales.

Whether your campaign is for 2 stores or 2,000, we have the flexibility and capability to deliver on time and in budget.

So make the last metre count for getting your Brands noticed at the all important in store point of purchase.

POS for Supermarkets and Pharmacies 


Clip Strips
Shelf ready trays
Shelf wobblers
Shelf tickets
Shelf tongues
Shelf strips
Aisle wings
Brochure holders

    Off Location 

Counter displays
Gravity feed units
Bin displays
Bin wrap
Header cards

Hang Sell units

    On Pack 

Neck tags
Product labels
Value pack banding

We can fulfill all your National Distribution requirements

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